Manor Renewable Energy Unveils COVID-19 Compliant Vessel Design for Manor Endurance

Portland based Manor Renewable Energy (MRE) has been working with Manor Marine on the challenge of social distancing and work environment safety for offshore technicians and vessel crew throughout their fleet of vessels.

MRE’s newest vessel currently under construction at Manor Marine, the Manor Endurance (due to be delivered in July 2020) was originally designed to transport 24 passengers; however, in order to meet the new social distancing requirements currently in place, the design has been amended. The updated vessel design allows 12 offshore technicians to be transported safely with the inclusion of 2 metre social distancing.

The updated seating layout for the technicians is effectively split between the port and starboard side, with 7 seats in one half and 5 in the other. Each section of the vessel is accessed from a separate dedicated entrance and has separate mess rooms, toilets and shower units, ensuring each team is isolated from the other.

A new series of virtual tour videos has been released detailing the updated COVID-19 compliant vessel design, together with virtual walk-throughs of the port and starboard sides, highlighting the safety measures that have been implemented.