Work Barges

Manor Marine have built work barges and wide beam tugs mainly for river and canal transport of heavy goods. These have mainly been multi-purpose craft designed as dredging units and general work stations, fitted with: Hydraulic Crane, Spudlegs, Bow Thruster, Long Reach Excavator.


Ascension Island Barges

Size: 17m

Hull: Mono

Type: Pontoon Barge

Kari Hege

Size: 17m

Hull: Mono

Type: Pontoon Barge

Narrow Beam Pusher Tugs

Size: 6m

Hull: Steel

Type: Narrow Beam Pusher Tug

Hopper Barge

Size: 12m & 15m

Hull: Multi-Purpose Working Platform

Type: Multipurpose Working Platform Barges

Lymington Barge

Size: 13.2m

Hull: Single Chine Heavy Displacement Configuration

Type: Long Steel Dumb Backhoe Dredger

Work Barge

Size: 12.25m

Hull: Steel

Type: Work Barge and Wide Beam Tug

Brownsea Island Pontoon

Size: 13m

Hull: Mono

Type: Tubular Pontoon

Volker Stevin Pontoons

Size: 19m & 33m

Hull: Mono

Type: Refuelling & Crew Access Pontoons