Specialist workshops and facilities at our extensive premises

Manor Marine supply a comprehensive range of shipbuilding and repair, marine manufacturing and general engineering services; a fully equipped machine workshop allows Manor Marine to produce components that may be unique to a customer’s requirement. Our sawmill and joiners workshop offers woodworking capability to cabinet making standards.

Forklifts, cranes and a tracked trolley system allow large structures to be manoeuvred to access our undercover workshops for manufacture and/or repairs to be completed.


Multiple Undercover Workshops


Full mobile welding equipment




Hydraulic launching pad


Gantry crane


Slipways for repairs and maintenance


Electrical workshop


Profiling facility

Workshop & facility list

The following workshops and facilities are available:

  • 55m × 52m main undercover workshop
  • 22m × 11m undercover workshop
  • 22m × 20m cable store
  • Gantry cranes
  • Slipways
  • Welding, fabrication & metal workshop
  • Electrical workshop
  • Machine workshop
  • Fitters workshop
  • Sawmill & joiners workshop
  • Clean workshop (for engine rebuilds & hydraulic repairs)
  • Profiling facility
  • UHP & painting facility
  • Large secure store facility
  • Full mobile welding equipment (MIG, TIG)
  • Forklifts & mobile crane
  • Chimera tug/workboat with portable laboratory & HIAB
  • Beaver work boat

Berthing & slipping facilities

We offer the following berthing and slipping facilities:

Launch pad

Manor Marine has constructed a custom-built hydraulically operated launch pad to launch vessels up to 40 metres in length from the 55m × 52m main undercover workshop.


Manor Marine has two open slipways, utilising two slip trolleys capable of hauling vessels up to 40 metres in length, 20 metres beam and 350 tonnes in weight out of the water for maintenance and repairs.


Smaller vessels of up to 60 tonnes can be raised out of the water by the Synchrolift and transported straight into the 55m × 52m undercover workshop or into its individual undercover bay.


Manor Marine has its own secure berthing facilities comprising of a 200 metre long waterfront with a low water minimum depth of 4 metres; there is access to waterside craneage and shore power, which allows alongside repair and maintenance.

Excellence in shipbuilding, repair and conversion, marine engineering and fabrication.

Manor Marine specialist ship building facilities
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